BlockChain Decoded – Book your course now and save over 30%

Today we are launching Unchaind.io to help individuals and organizations decrypt, demystify and decipher Blockchain Technology and the future of money. 

Unchained.io is brought to you by the teams behind MiniBarLabs and New Finance who run the biggest start up, developer and fintech communities in London providing access to the best coaches and talent.  

 We offer three courses:

 – for those of you who want a quick fire, well rounded intro to the technology we have a two hour Blockchain for Beginners course. 

 – if you work in the world of marketing and comms you should come to Blockchain for Marketeers course which introduces specific applications relevant to you.

 – And if you want the fully monty book for the BlockChain Xpert course.

Send us an email via the website or at hello@unchaind.io and include the code ‘UnchainMe’ to get over 30% off.


Your UnAge Team


We have just launched Un-Age – a social enterprise that helps under 25 year olds and over 55 year olds create new businesses together in East London. We started Un-Age because we believe that diversity across age and culture creates more interesting and, ultimately, more successful businesses. We are happy to announce that we got the support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Hackney Council and are about to run our first inter-generational start up program at East London Business Centre. Check out the Un-Age website and our crowdfunding campaign.

Wordeo Phone 2

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Wordeo Challenge


Wordeo is a UK tech startup with a technology platform for messaging and video editing. From 23 February – 19 May 2017 we are on the hunt for tech and entrepreneurial talent who will build on Wordeo and take it to re-launch. Successful teams will become co-founders, joining a world-class group of investors to fast track their ideas from Proof of Concept to growth stage startup in a matter of months.

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moreinfoCodeMaker – A one day course to teach you the essentials of coding, how web and mobile apps work and how to build them. Being more digitally enlightened will enable you to converse better with software developers, scope projects and make better choices in your digital projects. Attendees have included senior marketeers from Adidas, BBC Worldwide, Diageo, Money Supermarket, Mr and Ms Smith, Haymarket, Phillip Morris and many of London’s leading agencies as well as others who want to manage their digital project better.

  • “Excellent group for meeting a great range of people interested in tech “stuff”.”

    Rupert Hurley
  • Founder of DoNation on MiniBar “ Really interesting mix of people, definitely helped me to overcome my fear of techie geeks… ”

    Hermione Taylor
  • About MiniBar “Simply the best non corporate(suits) group on the internet in London if not Europe…”

    Ian Dawson
  • CEO and Founder of Shutl ‘When we started Shutl MiniBar was crucial for us in spreading the word to tech community’

    Tom Allason
  • VP Product and founder of Cloudmade “We launched our first business at MiniBar in London – I now live in San Francisco and wish they’d do one here “

    Nick Black