Below you can find an overview of the MiniBarLabs collective. We do a lot of fun, geeky stuff together, as well as our own projects….

Christian Ahlert
Christian is the curator of MiniBar, which he kicked off in 2006. He has been living in East London working with tech startups for the last decade. Christian has built up an amazing network of interesting and supportive people in the tech world, with the list of organisations and businesses he has advised ranging from 10 Downing street to Open Street Map. He is also the Entrepreneur in Residence for Publicis where connects start ups and big corporations to make good things happen. Amongst others he has helped to grow a hydrogen cars company and a courier company, built a split wood fence in New Zealand and is currently writing a recipe book on Bangladeshi Cuisine.

That’s right… Christian’s other big passion in life is food. As a sideline hobby he runs a pop up restaurant and catering company called Tavolone. You can check out all his upcoming foodie activity and book tickets to some mouthwatering dining events on the Tavolone Website.


Caroline Heron
Caroline is our events coordinator, a primary task of which is running the MiniMBA workshops. In short, she is a professional chitchatter and cheese nibbler who makes sure everyone knows what is happening and where.

Caroline runs the Art of Digital London (AoDL) Meetup – a research and events programme in operation since 2009 that looks at how cultural organisations are responding to the prevalence of digital technology today. She is also the Director of video in common, an arts video production company and digital research unit.


Peter Brownell
Peter (aka Greenman) is the presenter of our CodeMaker courses. He is an experienced software developer passionate about teaching others how to hack and play with computers. He set up the Open Source Drupal user group for the UK, is the founder and CTO of CodePositive, is the man behind ‘DorkBot London’ and he loves doing geeky things based on 0’s and 1’s.


Margaret Gold
Margaret presents our Social Media MiniMBA workshop. She is an Innovation & Business Launch Specialist with over 12 years experience in growing start ups. Her strengths lie in product development, sales & marketing and project management. You can learn more about her and what she’s up to at The Mobile Collective.


Matthew Stafford
Matthew presents our Business Model Development MiniMBA workshop and organises investment days such as Get The Money (2011 and 2012). He helps startups begin, grow and exit via Collider12 and StudentUpstarts. He is also a co-founder of good meals with 9others which bring entrepreneurs, founders and business people together with the mantra that ‘Your success requires the aid of others’. Matthew loves the London startup scene and even managed to get Y Combinator partner Harjeet Taggar to come to London for the evening when he created YCLDN.

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Hannah Upritchard
Hannah is a familiar face to regulars at Minibar. She runs the administrative side of MiniBarLabs, making sure everything rolls along smoothly. She also is the creator of HannahRings jewellery which you can see on her boldly coloured website or follow on Facebook


Olly Smith
Ah where would we be without him. To put it simply, Olly is our IT guy. He runs his own company, CableWide, where he saves lots of other technically challenged entrepreneurs.