Meet the Makers X The Food Startup Revolution

Meet the Makers X The Food Startup Revolution
Wednesday 4 March 2015, 7pm-10pm
The Trampery Old St, home to the Publicis Drugstore


We are happy to announce our fourth monthly ‘Meet the Makers Prescription’ – an innovation event held at the Publicis Drugstore.

This time we are having a cool mix of food start ups ranging from innovative tech companies that provide different and innovative solutions to food buying and distribution to new emerging brands and products.

There is a new wave of food start ups accelerating in the UK beyond, which challenge traditional sales models and existing brands alike. Some of the hottest Venture Capital deals are happening in the food space.

//Our presenters:

  • Pomora – Adopt an olive tree – Alun Johns (co-founder)
  • TheCaterClub – Discover local caterers and restaurants – Ingrid Marsh (founder)
  • ProperBeans – Baked beans turned posh – Ben Mason (founder)
  • Oppo Ice Cream – healthy luxury ice cream – Charles Thuillier (founder)
  • MagicTab – The menu of the future – Dave Thompson (founder)