Hack-ney-thon 2014 Update

We are very happy to announce that 3 of the 8 completed hacks have now been taken forward by the council in their continued commitment to adopt working solutions. That’s a pretty good average for our first hack and a great sign of the council’s support for such work.

All hacks are listed here: http://minibarlabs.com/hack-blog/

1. Based on the Italian Job hack, the council’s Registrars department are now engaged in a commissioning conversation with Booking Bug.

2. Based on the Hackney Properties hack, the council’s property services have asked team member Jamie Copeland (freelance developer) to prepare a budget for implementation.

3. Based on the Fix Hackney hack, the team have been in conversation with the council’s ICT department about using the dashboard visualisation tool.
Lastly, the council have had follow up conversations with teams from both the Planning App and Hackney Treasures hacks.

In light of these successes we are now planning further Hack-ney-thons to take place sometime over 2015. To make sure you receive any announcements please join the MiniBar Meetup group here: http://www.meetup.com/minibar/.