Hack the Brush – Programme Schedule

Programme Schedule

28 October 2015 – Programme Launch & Developer Registration

The programme will launch on 28 October 2015. We invite developers and agencies to get in touch via hackthebrush@minibarlabs.com to:
1. Register your interest in the programme
2. RSVP for an ideation session

Please provide a short bio (200 words max) and any relevant links to your portfolio


Register on the Developer Portal

Developers can access the API and SDKs and register new apps via the Developer Portal: https://developer.oralb.com/


11 & 12 November 2015 – Ideation Sessions

Location: The Publicis Drugstore, time for each session TBC

As an additional support for participants we will hold a number of ideation sessions (3hrs long) at the Publicis Drugstore in London. During these sessions our team will guide participants through the documentation and help to develop concepts. Teams attending the ideation sessions will also be given a connected toothbrush to take back and work on their prototype with. However, if you are not in the UK but would still like to take part we can arrange webinar sessions too. Please mail hackthebrush@minibarlabs.com if you wish to join remotely. More info on the sessions and RSVP. 


13 November 2015 – Idea submission deadline

In order to go through to the Pitch Day we would like you to submit a short proposal (300 words max) to outline your idea including any mockups you may have. Please email submissions to hackthebrush@minibarlabs.com before 12 midnight, 13 November 2015.


16 November 2015 to 25 November 2015 – Prototyping Period

Following the submission deadline we will read through each idea and select up to 10 ideas to be taken onto the next stage – prototyping. Developers will then have until 25 November to prototype their ideas for presentation at the Pitch Day.


25 November 2015 – Pitch Day

Location: The Publicis Drugstore, 12.30pm-7pm

Teams will gather at the Publicis Drugstore in London to pitch their prototypes to an Oral-B panel. The best apps will be awarded prizes from a fund of 1st Prize – 10,000 USD, and 2nd Prize – 5,000 USD. In addition selected teams will get further support to develop their apps so by February 2016 they can be presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Teams are asked to attend the Pitch Day in person. If coming from outside of London teams are asked to arrange their own travel and accommodation.  


Introduction to Hack the Brush

Find out more about the connected toothbrush, API and SDKs

Challenges, Judging Criteria and Panel of Judges

Ideation Sessions