Hack the Brush – Challenges & Judging

Challenges & Judging Criteria


  1. GAMIFICATION & SOCIALISATION – Produce games that would incentivise kids, teenagers (11-18) and adults to have a better oral care routine; with points, badges, leaderboards for users who brush for enough time, in the right way and regularly.
  1. MULTIPLE UESRS – how can multiple users eg: a family or household use the connected toothbrush? This could mean either through one or several toothbrushes. The app could enable parents to monitor family brushing habits and supplies, or to facilitate a bit of healthy competition – to see who wins the best brusher.
  1. HEALTHTECH INTEGRATION – the market for healthTech has exploded in recent years, with so many devices and apps to monitor and incentivise individual health and well being. How can the Oral-B BLE device for better oral-care relate to, or be integrated with, platforms such as Apple Health, HealthVault, Google Fit and devices like the Jawbone, Fitbit or Apple Watch?

DEVELOPMENT FOR THE APPLE WATCH – the official Oral-B app has been downloaded over 590,000 times with 60% of users on iOS devices. With this in mind, and with Apple allowing native apps on the Apple Watch as of Sept 2015, we see great scope and timeliness in participants developing for the Apple Watch.

eCOMMERCE INTEGRATION it is possible to track and accurately calculate the wearing or use of products related to the device ie: toothbrush heads. Could an app be developed that reminds users to replace products such as toothbrush heads, toothpaste, floss, etc. as well as click through to purchase and delivery straight to your door?

  1. MEDIA STREAMING – is there an app that could provide entertainment or daily news to users as they brush? If not directly from their phone then how about streaming music on the household network and connected speakers?
  1. SEAMLESS DATA TRANSFER – the device makes use of BLE in order to transfer data packets from the brush to the phone and Cloud. In order for this full process to happen the user must bring their phone close to the base ie: into the bathroom. Not everyone brings their phone into the bathroom and so how could users be given prompts to connect the device to the app on a more regular basis to update their account? Going further, how could a BLE repeater be made use of to make use of or household wifi network to ensure that data is transferred?


At both the prototyping commissioning and Pitch Day stages teams will be judged by a panel of both internal and external evaluators who will base their selection on one or more of the following criteria:

  • 1. Proposition – What is your proposed idea or technology? What exactly does it do and how does it work?

  • 2. Pioneering – What are the novel features of your idea or technology and how is it better to what currently exists?

  • 3. Potential – How big is the market opportunity or impact of your idea or technology? How can this be tested, demonstrated or proven? Should there be further investment, as contracts, from Oral-B to develop the app, can a link be shown between this and increased brand sales?

  • 4. Practical – How easy or feasible is your idea or technology to implement? What further work needs to be carried out to realise it cost-effectively?

  • 5. Proposer – What are your or your company’s relevant capabilities and experience? Who is in your team for this project and what are their roles?


Introduction to Hack the Brush

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