CodePlanner Course Launched

In December we launched a follow on course to the CodeMaker course, because quite simply many of our attendees requested that they would like to learn more about management techniques and methodologies in software projects.

So we followed to demand and launched at Ravensbourne College the CodePlanner course, which builds on the knowledge gained in the CodeMaker course. It focusses on enhancing planning, scoping and management skills of web and mobile projects and introduces agile methods.

The driving force behind a web and tech business is often not a programmer, or software engineer however s/he can regularly have to make choices that require technical know-how. This can range from what programming framework to use – is it Ruby, Joomla, Drupal, or PhP – to deciding what programmer to hire and how to keep them on target. It is their job to translate a project from the idea stages into a realistic plan that can be implemented within budget and on time.  The course teaches how to scope projects, build concise requirement lists as well as concepts such as agile software management practises and Minimum Viable Product development. The course will also offer a section on bespoke case studies of projects participants are working on.

Topics covered will include:

  • Key components of software development management
  • Scoping and how to build a minimum viable product
  • Where to begin the recruitment process
  • What incentives start-ups have to offer
  • Due diligence
  • Contracts
  • Outsourced v’s in-house work
  • Agile software management
  • Web development management tools
  • Quality control
  • How to deal with problems when they arise


Previous experience required:  the CodePlanner course does require a basic understanding of how websites and mobile apps work, web and information architecture. It is recommended, but not necessary, to attend the CodeMaker course to benefit best from what the CodePlanner course teaches.