CodeMaker Review in Huffington Post

We just saw that Huffington Post has published a review of our CodeMaker course. Jamie Tolentino, who went on the course a few weeks ago, writes:

“The day started off with a condensed history of computing and the web. Unless you’ve taken up computer science 101 or something similar, you will still probably pick up something new. The session covered topics like the abacus, the early days of a computer through to the early days of what a program is, and how patterns, AI, binary and the Internet came about to be. It’s probably one of the best intro to computing and web sessions that I’ve ever been to.”

While she (the reviewer) has clearly been to similar courses, she still found the course challenging and learnt new things, but we should probably take from the feedback that all learning is individual and that it can be a quite fast paced learning experience for some.

She points out that:

“(…)this course is tailored for beginners as it assumes no prior coding knowledge. However, it is definitely a bit fast-paced and geared for those who are more curious and are open to tinkering with things as they learn about them.”


And she ends the article with:

“CodeMaker does what it says on the tin (…), you will definitely come away with a better understanding of how digital products are made by knowing the bare basics of code.”

Thanks Jamie for the well written review.