Newly launched Publicis Drugstore global site

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MiniBarLabs is proud to be a part of the Publicis Drugstore along with Publicis Worldwide and The Trampery Old Street. Check out their new global site for news and events, in particular our Meet the Makers programme.

About the Drugstore:
The Drugstore is an innovation concept founded by Publicis Worldwide that bridges the gulf between big brands and tech start-ups.

With on the ground spaces in London and Sydney, and access to a global network of start ups, the Drugstore helps early-stage companies and established players forge collaborations that bring radical innovations to market.

Alongside co-working space, Members Clubs and event spaces, the Drugstore provides a suite of relationship-building products and services – from coding classes and ‘meet the maker’ workshops, to supper clubs, hackdays and managed incubator programmes.