MiniBar Feb ’13

Yesterday’s MiniBar was a roaring success even though it was snowing and absolutely freezing so we are very impressed by everyone who came!

Here is one of our sponsors Hayley Conick from ELance with Matthew Stibbe, who was presenting his business, Turbine HQ, which he developed entirely from Elance Freelancers. Cool.

Simon Jenner, who also sponsored the event, came along to announce a new intake for their Oxygen Accelerater Programme. Here you can see him standing with Christian. The Accelerator only accepts 10 companies for each round so if you want to be part of it get in quick!

Here is Christian introducing our presenters for the evening. You can see from left to right, Christopher Lewis who was announcing the launch of ShiftSwap, Lauren Hine who spoke about Incredibli, Hayley from Elance and Simon from the Oxygen Accelerator.

Here is one of my favourite regulars, Chettan Karsan, the founder and CEO of DayViewer. I probably interrupted a really helpful networking conversation to get this this photograph of him but he’s so charming that he’s still smiling.

To more regulars, Peter Zipp, who has been coming to MiniBar for 5 years now and his new MiniBar friend, Jonathan Prove from Ginicam.

We hope that everyone who came along got what they wanted out of the event- even if it was just a few free beers with some friendly fellow geeks. We’re really looking forward to seeing you all next month!