Join Us For Hackney Council’s First ‘Hack-ney-thon’

Pre-call for participation and ideas

When: 15-16 November 2014
Where: Trampery Publicis Drugstore, Old Street Roundabout

Hackney Council in partnership with MiniBarLabs, Poke and Publicis invite you to take part in a special hack event to be held on 15 November 2014 at the newly opened Drugstore workspace on Old Street Roundabout.

At a time of shrinking government budgets there is a recognition within the council of a need for a different approach to the delivery of public services through technology.

The borough is the proud home of a much celebrated tech talent base. Therefore, we are reaching out to you – tech start up, software developer or tinkerer – for creative and innovative ideas, hacks and software solutions to 3 identified areas we feel can be made better:

– Online registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
– Notifying interested parties of currently available commercial properties
– Council Open Data (we will be making a number datasets available before the hack day)

In addition to these 3 areas we will also have an Open Category. For this we invite you to send in ideas for how you think council services could be improved. This can range from council processes to the use of data, or the overall design and usability of the council’s website.

The council is committed to adopt working solutions and commission ideas.

An RSVP page and more info to follow soon. In the meantime please sign up to the MiniBarLabs mailing list or join our MiniBar Meetup Group.