IP Basics for Tech Businesses with Wiggin LLP


On a gloriously sunny evening we kick started our new Tech Business MiniMBA series with a bang at the Wiggin LLP offices up above the throng in central London.


Wiggin LLP is a boutique firm of solicitors specialising in the media and technology sectors and we were lucky enough to have three experts in their field from the firm on hand; Ciaran Hickey (Senior Associate, Corporate), David Deakin (Consultant, Digital Media Group) and Gurminder Panesar (Solicitor, Technology). Together, over the course of 90 minutes, they provided a solid overview of the key Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) involved when starting a technology company.


By all accounts there are lots of legal snags that can come back to haunt you if you are not conscientious from the outset. This especially true for start-ups as they are, in large part, inventors, and so it’s the expression of the idea that creates worth, in not owning this in full you are risking the valuation of the company.

The team were keen to emphasise how important it is to have all your legal ducks in a row when it comes to trademarks, copyright and patents, etc. This could appear to be a large task and therefore can often be an ignored part of the process when starting a business however, if you approach it in a thoughtful manner from the outset and seek some level of advice (whether that be through personal research or by asking a professional), it can be assessed and dealt with swiftly, leaving you with a piece of mind to continue.

Many thanks to Wiggin LLP for their time, hospitality and knowledge


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