Hack-ney-thon New Challenge: Statutory Notices App

Staff from Hackney Council have put together the following challenge for our hack-ney-thon.

Statutory notices App
The Council would like to increase the accessibility of information regarding statutory notices within the borough. It is important that local residents are made aware of planning and licensing applications in their neighbourhood and have an easier method of commenting on applications.

The current method of finding out about applications within the borough is via the following pages on the Council website:

Although all the information is available online, to access the information requires a proactive and dedicated approach to searching for the information. This process could be dramatically improved with a new system that would allow notifications to be sent to people who have expressed a prior interest in finding out about applications in their area.

The Council would like residents to be able to sign up for notifications for statutory applications in their neighbourhood. This could be done via an app where you would specify a particular address, a number of streets or by drawing a defined area of interest on a map.