Big Data and Pet Food, of course- MiniBar 22 March

I’m so impressed by everyone who made it last night in the freezing, sleety London weather. We had been at Mother all day hosting our Get The Money Day, a day of workshops around investment with 20 interesting start ups. The day was delivered by our friends from E-Synergy and Pembridge and supported through the Growth Accelerator Programme. You can read more about that here.

Our actual MiniBar evening was hosted by the ever marvellous ICTKTN, who we have enjoyed working with on a number of different projects over several years. We always really enjoy working with ICTKTN and greatly appreciate all of their amazing support.

The lovely Charlie Jayne who was representing one of our favourite partners, SkillsMatter, was there handing out booklets for their courses with discount codes for anyone who wants to attend from MiniBar.

Our designer neighbours from Poke even popped down for a visit and a bit of free beer to fortify them for the walk home.

These were two new faces for me so it was lovely to meet them both and hear about what they’re up to. Thanks for joining us Rina Nir from Teachmania and Calypso Rose from IndyTute.

Finally here are our fine presenters presenting. From left to right we have Rhys Newman from eMedia Track, Francesco D’Orazio presenting Pulsar, Francine Bennett from MastodonC, James Alexander speaking about Intellect, Duncan Ross with Teradata and the winner of our Get the Money Day with her business, DinDins… and finally Christian off to one side.

Thanks again for braving the cold. See you all next month.